Unlimited possibilities

One for many.

The energy-efficient and cost saving lightweight vehicle can be used adaptively for the most varied applications in both passenger and goods transport in urban areas. In addition, different platforms and equipment fitted on the basic body of the vehicle make specific transport applications in the area of logistics possible. Thanks to the innovative ICT technology used, the vehicles become connected software-based vehicles and can vary between different modes of usage depending on the given area of application.


People, Companies, and Small Logistics


The CITY eTAXI is flexible in that it can be used for the most varied kinds of mobility and shipping services, either as taxi in the city centre or as part of a company's carsharing system. When used in the tourism sector, the CITY eTAXI offers maximum driving pleasure and a new city experience in beautiful weather thanks to its removable click doors.

Furthermore, the vehicle is a good complement for company fleets, company car pools or when used in company internal transport. Also, the CITY eTAXI can be used efficiently by mobile social and nursing services as well as security firms.

Moreover, removing the two back seats enables the vehicle to transport smaller logistic shipments – offering enough space for e.g. a euro pallet. Its multifunctional usage options allow it to be converted from a passenger car to a “courier service runabout”, ideal in any weather.

CITY eTAXI Logistik

Service & Trade


The CITY ePICKUP can be used optimally as a service and supply vehicle and as a commercial vehicle in the trade, construction and gardening sectors.

Logistics & Contractors


The CITY eVAN is the ideal vehicle for shipments managed by forwarding companies, parcel and supply services or even pharmacies.